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Free and official app of Speedway Ekstraliga.Thanks to it, you will receive live results of all PGEE matches on your phone along with text updates from each race, as well as M2E match results!
Eliga Manager

Relacje Live

Detailed real-time match reports with notifications and comments, as well as Junior Match activation and Red Bull Junior Aces

Eliga Manager

Original production of Speedway Ekstraliga – managerial game in which you run your own speedway team and use the real results of speedway riders in matches


The competition with an extended module for predicting team results throughout the season, match results in a given round, top players, as well as indicated player pairs and times


Statistics of teams, players and fixtures in real time, comparison of riders, detailed data from 2007 for the whole league


Real-time electronic measurement of times, distances, speeds and overtakes for PGE Ekstraliga


Speedway events in Poland and around the world in one place: date, place and time of start as well as TV broadcasts


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